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May 06

driving-car-German Germany is famous for its automobile industry. Perhaps you can tell a long list name like Mercedes Benz, BMW, AUDI, Volkswagen, Porsche etc.. But whether you know that High-speed vehicular traffic has a long tradition in Germany given that the first motorway (Autobahn) in the world, the AVUS, and the world’s first automobile were developed and built in Germany? The the high developed motorway connect most of the city in Germany, it is very convenience and easy for you to drive a car doing a country travel. If you are a fan of Self Drive Travel, you won’t miss this chance.

In Germany’s national roads are called Bundesstraßen (federal road). Their numbers are usually well known to the road users, as they appear (written in black digits on a yellow rectangle with black border) on direction traffic signs and in street maps. A Bundesstraße is often referred to as “B” followed by its number, for example “B 1″, one of the main east-west routes. More important routes have lower numbers. Odd numbers are usually applied to east-west oriented roads, and even numbers for north-south routes. Bypass routes are referred to with an appended “a” (alternative) or “n” (new alignment), as in “B 56n”.

hotelOther main public roads are maintained by the Bundesländer (states), called Landesstraße (country road) or Staatsstraße (state road). The numbers of these roads are prefixed with “L”, “S” or “St”, but are usually not seen on direction signs or written in maps. They appear on the kilometre posts on the roadside. Numbers are unique only within one state.

Now we have generally understand the basic information about roads in Germany, let’s choose the destination city and start our driving travel. The next thing need to think over is where to lodge on way. Of course look for a hotel located near road is a wise choice. Hotelsdeutsche has thousands of hotels conveniently located for last minute travellers by road in big city like Berlin, Köln, Frankfurt, Munich and etc.. Make the reservation on-line in advance, then there is no worries for your on trip. With the song–take me home country road, let enjoy our self drive travel.

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